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Show photos are available here:  Boots Verschl��ssen mit mit 3 Schwarz Schwarz 3 Boots BfwOqzn

Specific viewership highlights include:

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– On Twitter, #TheGameAwards was once again the #1 worldwide trend during the broadcast. 2.7x more people use the #TheGameAwards hashtag this year than in 2016, and 2x more people tweeted about The Game Awards-related content this year than in 2016. (Source: Twitter)

Elegant Ankle Mit EU Damen Nieten Rot Absatz Metall Reissverschluss 40 Boots Easemax Nubuk – According to Nielsen, The Game Awards was the most social 24/7 program on Thursday, 12/7/17, eclipsing broadcast and cable television in the United States. (Source: Social Content Ratings, 12/7/17. Excludes sports events.)

– On Twitch, 70% of the audience watching on /TheGameAwards interacted with the Twitch Extension – completing over 700,000 predictions throughout the broadcast. 1,372 Twitch broadcasters co-streamed The Game Awards, and 3,522 Twitch viewers correctly predicted the winners in all the in-show categories via the Twitch Extension.  (Source: Twitch)

– On Steam, an integrated The Game Awards sale experience and the first-ever The Game Awards Game Giveaway fueled incredible viewership growth. Viewers on Steam Broadcasting watched an average of 70 live minutes of the Awards. (Source: Valve)

Nubuk Mit 40 Metall EU Boots Reissverschluss Absatz Easemax Damen Rot Elegant Ankle Nieten – In the three weeks leading up to the show, more than 7 million authenticated fan votes were cast in all the major award categories using The Game Awards website (via Facebook Logon), Google Search, Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger.

– To date, here are the livestream numbers for The Game Awards (does not include VOD viewership):

2017: 11.5 Million (Up 202%)
2016: 3.8 Million (Up 65%)
2015: 2.3 Million (Up 23%)
2014: 1.9 Million

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